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About Atauro Dive Resort

Atauro Dive Resort is the first dive resort on Atauro Island which is situated 25 km north of Dili in Timor Leste. It was founded by Volker Katzung, a German Master Instructor with more than 25 years diving experience all over the world. His great passion for diving and marine conservation motivated him to start the dive resort after staying in Timor Leste for over 10 years and discovering many of the divesites there. Atauro Dive Resort offers guided diving tours, courses, equipment rentals, commercial diving and accommodation.

Atauro Island has a variety of diving sites from slopes to amazing walls which it is best known for. Whether you are a beginner or experienced diver, Atauro Dive Resort is ever ready to fulfil your diving pleasures.  Visibility is great throughout the year even in rainy season.
Divers and snorkellers enjoy clear water all year. The dive Resort is located near the beach and guests can easily enjoy what the sea has to offer: If you are looking for a peaceful serene place away from the bustle and hustles of the city, you don’t have to think twice, Atauro Dive Resort is the place to be. Our priority is to make you have the experience of a lifetime.


About the Island

Atauro Island 25 kilometres north of Dili in Timor Leste . The Island is situated between two other Islands (Alor Island and Wetar Island) within the Indonesian territory providing some amazing dive sites.

Atauro Island offers an amazing scenery, it is characterised by beautiful hills, clear sea with protected bays habouring lonely white sand beaches.

A number of leisure activities can be enjoyed on the island which includes: Diving, snorkeling,hiking, mountain biking, kayaking,dolphin and whale watching and cultural tours.

Between all these activeness you will find a lot of possibilities for relaxing, like lying on the widespread beaches (or other example) or observing the beautiful sunrises.
The local people are always friendly and ready to help making it a place that feels like home.

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